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Are you ready to start living the lifestyle you truly desire but are having a hard time trying to figure out exactly what that is? Do you want to get to the heart of ‘Who you really are, Why you are, and How to serve?’ Then, its time to get some help to uncover and demystify all of the details surrounding your life purpose. ‘Connect To Your Calling’ in this 8 Week Live program —Life Purpose School.

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Healthy Lifestyle Jump-start Program

Your Greatest Self is only as good as your Healthiest Self!  Are you ready to begin to live a healthy lifestyle but have no idea where or how to begin? The Legacy Lifetime ‘Healthy Lifestyle Jump-start Program’ is just the guidance you need!

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Join Our WomanSpeak Circle

Whether it’s for a company presentation, speaking confidently at a board meeting, going LIVE to talk about your start-up ideas, to deliver a TED talk or to be able to effectively convey your personal story, your voice matters. If you are ready to begin your journey to discover and embody the voice within our WomanSpeak Circle is for you!

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You’ve Got What It Takes To Become Your Greatest Self!™

I don’t think I’ve ever met a strong person with an easy past.  The fact that you are here demonstrates your strength, resilience, and willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve your life goals.  Legacy Lifetime exists to help you navigate the transition from a road that up until now, has been riddled with disharmony and M-LOs [Major Life Obstacles] onto a pathway of joy, peace, freedom, harmony, and holism that you are meant to fully enjoy!

With our community of support and fresh, new approach to help you design and align with your vision of the life that you truly desire, the journey will transform seamlessly and enjoyably into the experience that you seek.

You Don’t Have To Go At It Alone

The path of an HSP Creator, Innovator, or Healer is definitely not an easy one. It is natural to feel a little challenged by trying to find your place and your way in the melee of this rapidly evolving, technologically advanced society in which we live.  Legacy Lifetime is a protected community space dedicated to your true-self-realization along your pathway of self-discovery; created by Carleen Moscati, your trusted guide, partner, Certified Life Purpose and Holistic Life Coach, who walks your walk and is known for her potent, empathic, spiritual, energetic presence and ability to connect with you based on her real-world experiences and intuitive strengths. Utilizing this uniquely powerful ability to consciously connect, along with principles of Holism and Life Balance you will be guided to tap into your own innate strengths to Improve your current circumstance, Live the Lifestyle You Truly Desire and Become Your Greatest Self!


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