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Our Approach

Our Philosophy

At Legacy Lifetime we believe passionately in the power of the human spirit to overcome any obstacle that stands in the way of Becoming Your Greatest Self, if you so desire. As we learn from the words of the ancient Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu, in life we can “Anticipate the difficult by managing the easy”. We believe that a Holistic Lifestyle is the perfect vehicle to do just that. By thoroughly and systematically caring for all aspects of our wellbeing we create the foundation for a harmonious and well-lived life. We also know that we all need to be seen, to be understood and to connect on a deeper level in order to succeed and to thrive at making the changes that will sustain this way of living. That is why we utilize the most authentic and deeply rooted approaches around driving intrapersonal cognition, optimal physical wellness and heightened spiritual connection so that we may master the art of daily harmonious living with greater ease. We do this primarily through our unique Legacy Building and Success Mode System, Community, Workshops and Courses.

Our Story

Our Story

Facing aggressive Breast Cancer in her late 20’s, our Legacy Lifetime Founder Carleen Moscati, realized that she REALLY wanted to live. With her newfound perspective on the value of living a fulfilling life, she wanted to make her mark and live hers to the absolute fullest, but soon discovered that she had no idea how to do that. Realizing that default living and facing M-LOs [Major Life Obstacles] with no exit and maintenance plan was also prevalent amongst many of her peers, Legacy Lifetime was created as a springboard for impactful Positive Life Change and Fulfilled Living. Utilizing the principles of Holism, building  and living a LEGACY was designed as a detailed method to living the lifestyle that you truly desire so that you can Become Your Greatest Self! ™️

Meet Our Founder

Carleen Moscati is a Certified Life Purpose and Holistic Life Coach, Spiritual Guide and Reiki Master Practitioner.
After a career in the legal field and a tough battle with Breast Cancer, she founded the Legacy Lifetime Community where she now dedicates her time to helping others to overcome Major Life Obstacles [M-LOs], discover their truth, Live Their LEGACY, and Become Their Greatest Self.
Carleen believes wholeheartedly in the power of the human spirit and it’s ability to actualize it’s full potential. She utilizes principles of Holism, Life Balance and Conscious Connection to help empower and guide Creators, Innovators, and Healers on their journey to the lifestyle they truly desire.

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Carleen Moscati

Founder & CEO

Writer, Content Creator, Success Mode System and Holistic Lifestyle Innovator, Spiritual Healer

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