Here is a list of our most commonly asked questions. Please feel free to Contact Us if what concerns you most is not found below:

Who is a Holistic Lifestyle for ?

Anyone who wants to live their life consciously; in a way that takes every aspect of their entire being body, mind, and spirit into consideration while making important life choices and carrying them out. While a holistic lifestyle is for anyone, we are especially good at helping people who identify as Creators, Innovators or Healers.

Where Do I Begin?

If you have just discovered that you need to make a change to the way that you are currently living your life, we suggest that you begin by reading some of our blog posts and articles about positive life change and fulfilled living. Then, you can move into topics surrounding life purpose and self-awareness, as this will help you have a sense of what direction you would like to go in when you embark on your journey of Holism and to move towards greater clarity. Next, you can begin to explore some of our services as you are intuitively guided to go deeper into the areas that you are most attracted to heal and improve.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! We have regular office hours Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00am and 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time in the US and are available to answer your questions by phone and via email or social DM within 6hrs.