Championing The Art of Really Living & Transcending: 3 Great Reasons to Build and Live Your Legacy


Want to know how to champion the art of REALLY living, and to be remembered for doing it well…and you also want to experience it all now? Unique inquiries and circumstances call for out of the box thinking; and when we want to figure out the best way to solve a problem, it serves us well to explore the quandary in its entirety, so that we can maximize our understanding of it, and we can improve on our chances of successful outcomes. So, in the case of championing the art of really living and transcending aka learning how to live your best life and to Become Your Greatest Self!™; as weird as it may sound, that should also include understanding certain aspects of what it means to die.   On account of the morbidity factor, the subject is not usually very thoroughly considered much less fully exhausted; thus rendering the entire concept of death and dying gravely misunderstood.  When we approach the idea of mortality in a figurative manner, we may conclude that it is a necessary function amidst a lifespan of growth and change.  This is to say that you do not just become something else without the finality of displacement of the thing prior, as this is the essence of transcendence and becoming anew. It is wholly understood then from this analyzation that our mortality is an inextricable aspect of the cycle and function of life that involves transition to various stages of existence, lest one wishes to remain stagnant. In substance, what we have now is the keen insight that as a part of learning to live well, you should become fully cognizant at the very least and masterful at best at taking into account all dimensional aspects of both life and death as the full scope of the art of really living.   Building and Living your Legacy is a great way to champion this art and to be remembered fantastically for doing it well!

As a part of this process which involves a great deal of self-discovery and personal development, I myself have died 10,000 times over figuratively, literally, emotionally; and if I did not have my own legacy firmly anchored in place to reel myself back in from the abyss. An attempt at so doing without one in place for me would certainly prove to be futile. Doing so is not only inevitable, it is a hard fact.  This business of dying over and over again is the price you pay to aspire to personal excellence, to learn the lessons of spiritual and dimensional elevation, and to live the amazing life that you truly desire.  It is putting in the ‘real’ work to be able to gain and benefit from true life knowledge, spiritual and inner wisdom, unwavering strength and faith.  This dying and casting away of the old self is the sacrifice one makes to learn the secrets of the awareness of Being on the journey to Become Your Greatest Self™.  You must be willing at every necessary juncture to cast away the remnants of things past, let go of the old you; those parts of self that no longer serve, so that you may embody and embrace the truth as well as the wonders that lie ahead.  We must learn to angle through the curves, to weather the storms, to become artisans of transition, growth and change.  We build legacies to anchor into our existence, that we may navigate the trajectory of each difficult pass and each cycle of change with unwavering certainty of our course, of our destination and to leave connections and signposts for all who follow.

The evidence is all around us and overwhelmingly reveals that so many souls are living haphazard, wayward lives without true meaning, without substance and without direction. From this acknowledgement, we may also gather that a life without purpose can prove to be extremely daunting and disheartening. It may also be said that unconscious living can lead you to feel lost, stagnant, unproductive and unconnected to everything that makes you feel alive and at peace with your existence.  That’s not why we’re here.  This life is made for living, thriving and flourishing to the best of our abilities and for reaching our highest potentials.  With a desire to attain these heights, to champion the art of fulfilled living, and by taking cues from what we witness in the world around us, it is undeniable that having a life tool that will guide you in doing so is priceless. If all this is not enough, here are:

3 Great Reasons Why You Should Build and Live Your Legacy

1.  Your Legacy Will Happen Anyway

Your Legacy is more than likely, not what you think it is.  Popular opinion would have you believe that legacies are only afforded to celebrities; political, social, artistic, scientific specialists or the tremendously rich.  Truthfully, this is not so.  This is because your legacy is not just a monetary designation of your status.  It’s so much more and everyone who desires to consciously experience their life’s work should have one.  Let’s take a closer look at what your legacy really is.

Your legacy is a compilation of your every action and every deed.  The influential Greek statesman Pericles is known to have said,“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others”. There is great truth in this, especially when we view it from the lens that every single act that is memorable to others in any way is a part of your legacy.  When we ponder this idea we also garner that your legacy will happen whether you want it to or not, as everything you say and do is etched in the hearts and souls of everyone you encounter as well as in time and ether. In so much as we are able to recall any past loved one, as long as you are remembered in the hearts and minds of others, there will be remnants of you in existence. Why not create this ideal by first consciously conceiving and building; and then carrying it out by living it in an amazingly fulfilling way that you love, are proud of and want to share with others?

2.  It Provides a Structured Way to Pursue Your Goals and Dreams

It can be a hollowing feeling to operate day in and day out from a place of doubt or uncertainty about your life path and the prospects for your future.   The apprehension becomes intensified if you have an underlying desire to achieve something meaningful and significant in your life. This is why a huge part of the primary focus of Legacy Lifetime is to help you to be able to answer the very important questions, who you are, why you are, and how to serve. 

What do you do when you come to a point in your life where you feel frustrated, overwhelmed or stuck? Despite our natural inclination to want to over complicate matters in a mindless flurry of overwhelm, confusion and  then procrastination, the resolve is simple. What you undeniably need is clarity around your purpose in order to gain confidence in your choices so that you can move forward.  Along with that, you will also want to gain the consciousness required to fully experience that purpose and lifestyle that you truly desire. 

Additionally, we may also consider the condition that can also compound the effects of overwhelm caused by lack of clarity is the reluctance to recognize that (perhaps even more importantly), what we really need is some form of support and guidance to gain it. Given our newfound understanding, if we would allow ourselves the opportunity to become aware of the unconscious legacy by default that we are leaving, this becomes more and more apparent to us. Upon closer inspection what we find is that: This is brand new territory, what we have been doing in the past has not worked, and we in effect need  assistance navigating the transition. 

Building a Legacy Lifetime LEGACY was created to help you to do exactly that; help you to navigate the transition of positive life change to consciously experience fulfilled living.  It will provide you with structure and an effective step by step method by which you can actively pursue all of your goals and dreams.  Specifically, LEGACY Building and the Success Mode System are designed to: help you to organically align with your truth,   reach your maximum potential and make a positive and lasting impact on the world around you. The highlight that is most invaluable is that it stays in place perpetually, for you to rely on through any M-LOs [Major Life Obstacles] and to pass along to whomever you wish, down the line. It is the ultimate tool to help you to refine your purpose, to gain confidence in your choices to move forward, find your unique life balance, honor your gifts and your talents daily, and to Become Your Greatest Self!™

3.  Your LEGACY Allows You To Proactively Define and Experience the Impact and Connection You Will Leave For Future Generations

In the game of life, in order to win, we want to get out ahead of what shows up for us as creators of the experience.  There are many ways to describe this notion. One of the most popular is Law of Attraction and manifestation.  When we speak about manifesting and Law of Attraction we are really having a conversation about bringing our life goals into our reality via rightful-focus and intention.  If we are not able to clearly envision and have a powerful energetic connection to what we  see, then we have no source from which we may harness or anchor into from which we may garner support in the materialization of our creations.  There is no basis to guide our desires into reality and our reality becomes a series of responses to the desires of others and cycles of extremely difficult lessons. Plain and simple, if you are not living on purpose you are living by default. 

By building and living your LEGACY you are essentially living an empowered life.   You are choosing to live consciously by actively pursuing your ultimate prosperity, your highest potential and your greatest good.  When you live a life that is aligned with your truth you are also in direct service of the GOOD of all. You are choosing how you will show up in the world and in essence how you will help to shape it.  When you make the decision to connect to your truth [which is derived directly from Source] and design how you will serve it, you are also consciously affecting anyone that seeks you out or happens upon any of your deeds, i.e. future generations.

Building a LEGACY is not about ego, or touting about how great you are, how much you have or have done.  It’s about living a life that is fulfilling, leaving a lasting connection to your loved ones, making conscious decisions that will allow you to do so and to experience it wholly, in the now.   This is where your power is, in the here and now.  When we choose to move with intention we unlock the pathways to the mysteries of the journey to our ultimate truth.  By gaining clarity and confidence in the direction of our path, we become expert navigators and the creators of our experience.  The important thing is that you start living a life that you love, consciously, with purpose; and one that you want to share with generations to come.  Start Building Your LEGACY today!

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